Guitarist Davey Johnstone Says Elton John Saved His Life

Guitarist Davey Johnstone: “Elton John Saved My Life”

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We wonder If Elton John’s long-time guitarist Davey Johnstone has a special place in his heart for the hit “Someone Saved My Life Tonight?” The 1975 tune was not written for Johnstone but it might as well have been.

According to Johnstone Elton did save his life. After losing his nine-year-old son Oliver in a tragic pool accident the guitarist was reinventing the extent of partying to avoid his inner demons.

It all stopped, however, while on tour in Europe. Elton said ‘Why don’t you fly back with me and we’ll spend a couple of days at the house?’ It was to be an informal intervention.

“Then one day he sat me down and said, ‘You should have a look at your life and there might be something you should do to make it better and to honor your kid Oliver’ because I lost a boy when he was nine years old and it almost killed me — as it does any parent who has gone through that awful thing.”

“He said, if you look at your life a little more seriously, instead of just trying to go balls-out every night and having to score a chick or drugs or whatever. It doesn’t have to be that way’. And as a result of listening to Elton, my wife and my kids are happier because they know that they’re not going to see this maniac occasionally appearing.”

Interestingly Johnstone claims to have been on more booze and drug benders than all the member of the Rolling Stones put together but even more interesting the Scottish born guitarist is the only musician that Elton has not sacked in over 40 years. He first joined the band in 1971 for Elton’s fourth album “Madman Across the Water.”

The 64-year-old father of seven is Elton’s Musical Director and saw his boss crashing down the same roads in the 70’s and 80’s but that all stopped 25 years ago.

Elton John is set to release an exciting uptempo album “Wonderful Crazy Night” February 5th and yes Johnstone will be on there as well as longtime drummer Nigel Olsson and percussionist Ray Cooper.

The Elton John band is healthy and happy.

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