Arnel Pineda Not Leaving Journey & Neal Schon Not Needing Steve Perry

Arnel Pineda Not Leaving Journey & Neal Schon Not Needing Steve Perry
Lead singer Pineda just posted some solo dates on his website leading some Perry fans to gleefully start dreaming for a moment that maybe he was coming back? Well, even though guitarist Neal Schon says he’d welcome the legendary singer back he doesn’t really need him adding, “We couldn’t even possibly be doing better right now.” He told Atlantic City Weekly that even their management remind him that Journey couldn’t be bigger right now….yeah except if Steve Perry came back. You can say that Neal, it’s not true, but sure stick to that story. Who needs the guy who sang all the hits.

I really like Arnel Pineda. He’s an amazing singer and from all accounts the salt of the earth – truly a nice man but Steve Perry is an insurmountable hill to climb. Pineda followed both Steve Augeri )aw-jearry) and Jeff Scott Soto as replacements for Perry.

The article remind us that the current lineup (excluding Pineda) recorded the band’s two biggest albums, 1981’s “Escape” and 1983’s “Frontiers.” That’s Neal Schon, keyboardist Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory on bass and drummer Steve Smith. That does say something.

After Journey was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April of this year Steve Perry did show up but did not sing with the band. It showed some good faith but dimmed the lights on a future reunion. So if Steve Perry is not coming back the boys are left to celebrate the next best thing – all the players on those 2 classic albums. Saying they couldn’t do better?..yeah, unless Steve Perry came back.

So Pineda has some solo shows in November and December, Journey’s touring all summer and Steve Perry has promised us a follow up to his 1994 solo album “For the Love of Strange Medicine” in the fall even though that’s probably not going to happen so soon. Artists who retire have a tendency to take longer to come back. I’m thinking 2018 at the soonest. Perry describes the new album as a “cathartic” and “emotional expression” about the loss of a loved one. – by John Beaudin

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