Timothy B Schmit Tried To Avoid The Drama in the Eagles

The Eagles’ Timothy B Schmit Tried To Avoid The Drama in the Eagles
The bassist told the Telegraph he feels exactly like we all do when it come to all those Rock-Gods dying, saying, “It seems like people are just dropping off the Earth, I suppose that happens when you get older. It’s part of life. No one’s getting out of it.”

As for Glenn Frey dying? The 69-year-old former Eagles singer said he had no idea how sick he was saying, “He went into hospital… and didn’t come back.” Frey died on January 18, 2016, aged 67.

On Frey Schmit says, “He wasn’t a wishy washy kind of guy. He knew what he wanted, so you weren’t left guessing about anything. But what I remember most fondly was that he was a belly laugher. He was a funny guy, always telling jokes. If he heard something funny, he would almost fall on the floor laughing.”

As the last Eagle to join the band Schmit was not interested in all the drama adding “I felt the tension, I saw the squabbling, but I didn’t know how deep it was, I was the new guy, I wanted to fit in. I saw it get heavier and weirder, but I missed the build up. I thought, ‘This will pass’.”

He certainly knew his own place, saying, “There was a pecking order. It was Glenn and Don’s band, no question. And they knew what they were doing. I learned a lot from them. A great song has to stand on its own, just singing and playing, and the rest is frosting. But you have to pay attention to the frosting.”

Schmit replaced Randy Meisner in both Poco and the Eagles and his opinion on a reunion? It’s not going to happen. He told the Telegraph, “It looks like it, The Eagles couldn’t be the Eagles without both Don and Glenn. That’s why I think this thing’s over. You see a lot of oldies bands still going out and playing when there’s not one person left from the original line up. I wouldn’t ever want to go there.” – by John Beaudin

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